What is EN 15232:
A new European standard EN 15232: "Energy performance of buildings - The Impact of Building Automation on Energy Efficiency
Standard EN 15232 specifies methods to assess the impact of Building Automation
and Control System (BACS) and Technical Building Management (TBM) functions on the energy
performance of buildings, and a method to define minimum requirements of these functions to be
implemented in buildings of different complexities.

The Facts about buildings:
Buildings account for 41% of the worlds energy consumption
Buildings account for 21% of green house gas emissions
Energy Usage amounts to 50% of a building operational costs

Energy saving potentials with smart use of building automation & control systems (BMS):
Shopping Centres      49%
Commercial Offices    39%
Education / Schools   34%
Restaurants       31%
Residential Complex  28%
Hotels         25%
Hospitals         18%

Our Vision for Sustainable Buildings:
At Subnet we drive the philosophy that
ALL New buildings should only be built based on future-oriented low-energy standards and equipped with energy-saving building automation and control functions of BAC efficiency class A.
All Existing buildings & BMS systems should be optimised with energy-saving building automation and control functions and smart control strategies to ensure maximum efficiency.