QBMS & nQBMS System Design :

  • Assist in the review of all Client design documentation (URS & SOO)
  • Generation & review of all IFC design documentation
  • Review of system functionality inline with client design intent
  • MCC and Control Panel Design
  • Generation of BMS and HVAC control philosophy
  • We have an In-dept understanding of all black utilities systems (HHW,DHW,CHW,CTW,CGW and LPS Steam)

BMS & HVAC Controls Packages :

  • Full Solutions for all BMS & HVAC Controls
  • Full Turnkey BMS and Controls packages in conjunction with our Electrical Partner.
  • Design, Manage and support procurement of Motor Control Centres (MCC) and BMS control Panels (DPU)
  • Execution of field plant startup and hot loop checking (HLC) 
  • Design, Manage and support field testing of all 3rd party vendor skids / interfaces (Modbus & Bacnet)
  • Execution of site acceptance testing (SAT)
  • Execution of site demonstration at handover  
  • Generation of final turnover packages (VTOP)

Energy Management Solutions :

  • Smart Building Solutions to maximise BMS system capability
  • Propose and design Smart building control strategies to maximise system performance and minimise overall energy costs
  • Smart metering and totalisation
  • Energy dashboards and faceplates
  • Assist in the generation, review and approval of detailed commissioning plans