Improved indoor air quality increases health and productivity


Compared to typical outdoor air, there is

2 – 5 times

higher pollution in indoor spaces


Poor ventilation may
account for more than


of all sick leave

The effect of poor indoor
air quality on work
performance is over



IAQ focused regulations and certifications for the operation of your building are growing in importance

Source: Environmental protection agency; “Risk of Sick Leave Associated with Outdoor Air Supply Rate, Humidification, and Occupant Complaints” (D.K. Milton, P.M.Glencross, M. D. Walters); “The effects of indoor air quality on performance and productivity” (D.P. Wyon)

What if you could…
Improve health, performance and comfort in your building environment


A must-have to support productive and healthy lifecycle that is strongly influenced by indoor air quality.


A growing number of scientific studies show that healthy indoor air quality improves work performance up to 50%.


Increased comfort of the building occupants through right temperature and humidity levels.

Comprehensive monitoring

Track the invisible


IAQ multi-sensor tracks accurately 7 key environmental factors present in your room

Establish trust and safety

Thanks to high-precision multi-sensor measurement technology
such as Dual beam CO2 sensing or laser-based PM2.5 detection

Battery Continuous monitoring

Battey back-up also in case of black outs (power outages) thanks to an emergency battery

Green Buildings Certifications
Achieve high energy performances and meet building regulations


Pursuing a green building certification?
IAQ multi-sensor can support smarter energy usage and help you
meet air quality monitoring requirements.

This is a simple headline

This is a simple headline

This is a simple headline

This is a simple headline

This is a simple headline

Simple insight into your room conditions
Be aware of the air around you

SIMPLE and FAST room summary…

  • Quick indication of real-time room values
  • Intuitive colour indicator for your air quality status
  • Accurate air quality score making you aware of what you’re breathing
  • Easy to read LED display
  • Adaptive brightness
  • One button to get the details of your environment

  • Detailed values for all key sensor environmental factors

  • Comprehensive view of your room information in a few seconds

Simple insight into your room conditions
Be aware of the air around you

Implement in any building

Simple insight into your room conditions
Be aware of the air around you


Use case

Monitor the classroom’s indoor air quality in order to ensure safe & healthy school environments

8:00 a.m.

The teacher checks the CO2 and humidity level before the class starts to see if the room is well-ventilated. The CO2 and humidity level dots are high, the air status indicator is yellow and the Air Quality Score is showing 82. She opens the window to get some fresh air.

8:30 a.m.

The facility manager of the school gets a notification alert via Connect Box1 that the relative humidity of the classroom is still high. He remotely turns on a dehumidifier to keep the space safe for virus transmission.

9:00 a.m.

The parents bring the kids to school and quickly check the Air Quality Score. The score is now showing 92 and the air status indicator is green. They get peace of mind knowing their children
will have safe air at school.

4:00 p.m.

The facility manager downloads the daily data IAQ graph status of the classroom. He takes action to improve the site conditions in order to fulfill the regulatory requirements.

5:00 p.m.

The facility manager promotes that his school campus is following the necessary IAQ requirements and the kids are safe & healthy. The school can build trust in the community by sharing IAQ data with the parents.

Introducing the perfect match for IAQ monitoring Connect Box & IAQ multi-sensor

An accelerating need for retrofitting multi-sensing for IAQ monitoring solutions is ahead of us1. Siemens has an answer – simple and fast deployment in any building!