People spend about 90 percent of their lives indoors. As a result, buildings are becoming more important for the way we live and the way we grow and develop our best ideas. Our state-of-the-art building automation system Desigo™ helps you make buildings perfect places – secure, comfortable, safe and protected with a healthy and pleasant climate that spurs productivity.


A management platform that grows with your needs

Desigo CC is highly adaptable and covers anything from simple, single-discipline systems to fully integrated buildings. Easy to operate, monitor, supervise, optimize and manage functions, Desigo CC sets industry standards.

The management platform features templates and tools that help you set initial parameters for your buildings and then adapt them based on changing needs and conditions. Data aggregation pulls information from many different sources. Historical analysis gives you side-by-side trend comparisons.

With investigative event treatment, you can easily navigate the system to visualize logged events. You can start with a piece of equipment, then quickly and easily access all related information. The management platform helps you drill down to the information you need to address issues, solve problems and adapt to changes in your unique facility and organization.

Every building presents unique challenges. Desigo CC was designed to help you manage and adapt to the changing needs of your facility and organization.

You can customize the interface to show the details you need about a system, area or piece of equipment. Desigo CC also grows with your business needs, in project size and functionality as well as disciplines. As a building management platform based on open architecture, Desigo CC easily adapts to your needs today and tomorrow, so it can also ensure and prepare your installed system for future migration.

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