People spend about 90 percent of their lives indoors. As a result, buildings are becoming more important for the way we live and the way we grow and develop our best ideas. Our state-of-the-art building automation system Desigo™ helps you make buildings perfect places – secure, comfortable, safe and protected with a healthy and pleasant climate that spurs productivity.


The all-in-one innovative system for efficiency, value and comfort

Maximum flexibility for long-term investment protection

If you change the usage of your building or if the layout of the building changes, Desigo can be quickly adapted to the new situation. Open communication standards offer cost-effective integration capabilities for any building requirement. The system is designed for small and medium-sized buildings as well as large ones and building complexes.

Saving energy and achieving highest efficiency classes

Using proven libraries containing tested applications as well as energy saving and monitoring functions on all system levels, Desigo allows you to permanently lower your energy costs without sacrificing room comfort. Another way to save energy is to actively involve room users via room operator units featuring the Green Leaf.

Desigo – a flexible building automation system that covers all your building needs

Desigo can cover all automation levels, room automation and building management needs. Maximum flexibility has become a key argument for investors and tenants. The Desigo building automation system can easily adapt to changing requirements, offering optimized usability and comfort, and improving performance in a perfect place.

An intelligent building automation system creates the ideal framework for meeting the requirements of efficiency class A under European Standard EN 15232, and other similar, global standards. This allows offices to save up to 30 percent thermal and up to 10 percent electrical energy compared to efficiency class C.

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Intuitive engineering

Engineering and commissioning for high-performing buildings

ABT Site

Engineering and
commissioning tool


Commissioning tool

Desigo PXC5

For system functions
and integration

Desigo PXC4

For HVAC plants

A management platform that grows with your needs

Desigo CC is highly adaptable and covers anything from simple, single-discipline systems to fully integrated buildings. Easy to operate, monitor, supervise, optimize and manage functions, Desigo CC sets industry standards.

The management platform features templates and tools that help you set initial parameters for your buildings and then adapt them based on changing needs and conditions. Data aggregation pulls information from many different sources. Historical analysis gives you side-by-side trend comparisons.

With investigative event treatment, you can easily navigate the system to visualize logged events. You can start with a piece of equipment, then quickly and easily access all related information. The management platform helps you drill down to the information you need to address issues, solve problems and adapt to changes in your unique facility and organization.

Every building presents unique challenges. Desigo CC was designed to help you manage and adapt to the changing needs of your facility and organization.

You can customize the interface to show the details you need about a system, area or piece of equipment. Desigo CC also grows with your business needs, in project size and functionality as well as disciplines. As a building management platform based on open architecture, Desigo CC easily adapts to your needs today and tomorrow, so it can also ensure and prepare your installed system for future migration.

Building Management Systems

Security in mind

PXC4 and PXC5 has been designed with security in mind

  • Certificate handling
  • Signed firmware
  • Communication with embedded server is encrypted via https
  • Prepared for BACnet Secure Connect
  • All products undergo penetration tests before release
  • System hardening guidelines for installation provided
  • Password protection
  • Disabling of Hotspot

Desigo Room Automation – flexible and modular for any type of room

Intuitive room operator units In addition to room sensors, Desigo offers a broad range of room operator units: for HVAC or lighting and shading, with or without Green Leaf symbol, flush- or wall-mounted. The high-quality, IP-compatible touch room operator unit features a capacitive color display and can be installed horizontally or vertically.

Intelligent comfort for any room

Desigo Room Automation links all disciplines within a room and ensures the perfect interplay between heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and shading. Desigo Room Automation ensures a comfortable room climate, good air quality and optimal lighting conditions with as little energy as possible.

Modular: more flexibility for your plans

Business goals and room use change, and customer requirements grow. Desigo Room Automation can be expanded step by step, allowing you to add new features when you need them. Since it supports international communication standards, it can be integrated seamlessly into existing installations. With its advanced segment concept, both building floor and room layout can be adjusted easily and quickly – without modifying electrical or HVAC installations resulting in less initial effort and lower costs for basic configuration.

High energy efficiency for your building

AirOptiControl guarantees that temperature, air quality and humidity limits are not exceeded and reduces energy consumption by up to 30 percent as compared to modulated constant pressure control. Through demand-controlled supply and exchange of demand signals between room automation and primary plants, only actually required energy is supplied without ever compromising comfort.

Save up to 25 percent energy by involving room users

A study conducted by the Technische Universität München suggests that actively involving room users in the energy saving process can reduce energy consumption by up to 25 percent. Desigo Room Automation helps you leverage this additional potential. The unique Green Leaf symbol turns red when unnecessary energy consumption occurs and alerts room users to take corrective action. Simply pressing the Green Leaf symbol returns room automation to the most energy-efficient mode.